About Us


Lumo is a psychological consultancy service addressing the needs of individuals and organisations working with complex and traumatised client groups.

Our aim at Lumo is to increase awareness of psychological trauma; both the impact on clients and on frontline practitioners. We address needs within organisations, whether this is related to gaps in knowledge around psychological trauma or models of working with challenging client groups. 

We pay particular attention to staff wellbeing, with a focus on vicarious trauma, stress and developing tools for managing complex client work in order to prevent burn-out. We focus on building resilience in staff teams; this allowing for increased wellbeing and sustainability in complex areas of work. 

Organisations we work with:

Human rights law firms

Refugee organisations

Hosting schemes for trafficked people

Policy workers 

Humanitarian aid organisations

Our expert advice and support at Lumo Consultancy is tailored to staff, management and leadership teams.  


"Mirjam has delivered group supervisions to our hosts who welcome survivors of modern slavery into their homes as house guests.  These have been hugely beneficial for our hosts as it has given them a safe space to reflect on sharing their home with someone recovering from trauma.  Mirjam has also delivered supervisions to our Management Team which have helped to shape the organisation as well as supporting us to work together as a team, providing us with practical ideas and encouraging us in our unique abilities. Mirjam is a highly professional, empathic person of integrity to work with."

Helen Hodgson

Operations and Development Manager

Hope at Home

“Mirjam is an absolute joy to work with, she has delivered a number of excellent trainings at our conferences for our member organisations, she always takes time to understand the needs and experiences of participants and tailors her training appropriately.”

Hazel Williams

National Director

NACCOM Network

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