Our team develops bespoke wellbeing packages to suit the needs of individuals and organisations. We focus on frontline practitioners, management and the leadership team. We assess any gaps in knowledge around psychological trauma, suggest training needs and offer consultancy coaching sessions or clinical supervision to all members of a team.

We also make recommendations about any need for employment assistance programs (EAP) and the provision of psychological therapy to the staff team.

We offer

- Consultancy sessions

- Clinical supervision 

- Psychological therapy



We offer bespoke training and workshops. 

We work with adult learning models, using an experiential workshop style which allows learning to have a lasting impact.

 Training suggestions

- Understanding   psychological trauma

- Vicarious trauma and self-care 

- Psychological ‘first aid’ 

- Managing workplace stress

- Boundary setting / resilience building 

- Basic counselling skills 

- Understanding the refugee experience

- Understanding human trafficking



At Lumo we advise on best practice within organisations, supporting management and leadership teams to implement models of working that benefit both staff and clients. 

We focus on

- Policy direction and guidance.

- Developing tools for client

   assessment and risk management

- Advising on service development.